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Infinite Therapy Services


Who are we?

Infinite Therapy Services is a service provider of Hi-5 ABA. We currently offer in-home ABA
services to those with various developmental disorders in and around Chandler, AZ.

Origin of company

The development of Infinite Therapy Services is inspired by my seven-year-old son with autism
and the families I support as a Behavior Analyst. Having 14 years of experience in behavioral
health, I often saw a need for a place that provided quality mental health services. Many
families have voiced concerns about the long waitlist to obtain a diagnosis for various
developmental disorders and ABA services for their children. Also, the lack of support for
families who are supporting those with disabilities. As a mother supporting a child with special
needs, I understood their concerns and wanted to develop a place that would provide quality
mental health services for all those in need.

Origin of our name and logo

According to the dictionary, Infinite means being without limits of any kind. As a business
owner, I wanted to select a name and logo that represented our core values and mission. As a
company, our goal is to ensure our clients not only receive quality care but to ensure there is no
limit to the services they can receive and the progress they can make.


Monday – Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday: By Appointment Only
Sunday: Closed